Wednesday 19 March 2008

ELI SFS: Integrating Community History, Technology, and Service Learning: The Digital Durham Project

Trudi Abel (Duke)

fyi Community History is a big theme in the History subject group at SHU.

Students pulling together research project re community history to share with 8th grade students (similar to UoS English Lit dept work on kiddult fiction - worked particularly well because lots of the eng students were considering careers in teaching)

not much going on in this session - its good enough, but once you've got the concept (sentence above) you've got the concept... and the rest is, well you know, history.

the website is great, of course,


Andrew Middleton said...

I guess I am to be forgiven after all for not knowing about the kidult initiative. I really like this approach and the PUBlishing approach. Are you aware of anyone at our place encouraging students to work in the public domain in this way?

Louise said...

Not OTOH but I'll have a think about it - still reckon History SG is best bet