Wednesday, 19 March 2008

ELI SFS: Authentic Critical Reflection: Critique_It in Second Life

Michael Connors (Uof Wisconsin-Maddison)

Digital Printmaking - student work exhibited in Second Life - aim to get critique from other students (and anyone else) across the world, virtual presentation before actually doing the final printing. Looks interesting, although the scanned logbook pages feels a little contrived (is this the easiest way to see the pages?) Keen to see the critique process - critique process have seven stages and is captured through a wiki so can use track back. (you'll need NMC membership to get to this)

Qus asked about students skill level/support for using SL - response that students don't find it that difficult and take to it quickly use NMC orientation island to get started.

Qus about whether it adds value beyond an exhibition website and wiki or a flickr site and discussion area

Few art Qus about size of originals, lighting, layout etc etc

Future plans for students to present portfolios and negotiate with galleries within SL - able to practice presenting themselves, explore different identities, get to work with "real world" (ie outside education) partners.

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